Monast is a monitoring interface which acts as an operator panel for AsteriskTM.

What Monast can display (in realtime)?

  • Multiple Servers
  • Users and Peers (SIP, IAX, DAHDI, Khomp, etc...)
  • Channels and Calls (with channel name and callerid)
  • Meetmes (with connected users)
  • Parked Calls
  • Queues (with all statistics, members and waiting clients)

What Monast can do (in realtime)?

  • Originate Calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Hangup Calls
  • Park Calls
  • Spy Calls
  • Invite Users or Numbers to Meetme
  • Kick Users on Meetme
  • Add User/Peer as Member of any Queue
  • Remove Member from Queues
  • Pause/Unpause Members in Queues
  • Execute CLI Commands

Monast was develop in Python (Starpy + Twisted), PHP (for integration of Web interface with Python) and uses prototype.js to handle AJAX calls and YUI (Yahoo User Interface) for the interface.

Licensed under BSD, it has been created by Diego Aguirre (DagMoller).

You may find extra information about it on its project page, just click here.

Instalation Instructions:

1 - Configure the asterisk manager to create an user to use with monast.
    - Sample manager.conf user:

2 - Configure apache to point to location where you extracted monast.
    - Sample:
      Alias /monast /path/to/monast
          Order allow,deny
          Allow from all

3 - Copy pymon/monast.conf.sampe to /etc/monast.conf and edit it 
    properly as documented inside of this file.

4 - Install dependencies:
    Twisted Python 10.1+ (
    zope.interface 3.6+ (
    Starpy SVN-Trunk ( 
      - Trunk tarball:
    PHP PEAR Packages: (HTTP_Client)

5 - Run
    # cd pymon

    - Verify if is everything OK.
    # ./

    - If no ERRORS, stop pressing ctrl+c and run it as daemon.
    # ./ --daemon

6 - Edit lib/config.php as documented inside this file.

7 - Point your browser to location that was configured in apache.

If you want to file a bug on Monast you can do so using the integrated issue tracker from available here.

Or access #monast IRC channel on Freenode.

In case you do not want any stable release and prefer to obtain the newest features and bells, so that you can send your patches or suggestions on how to make Monast better, you can checkout the latest code of Monast by running the following command.

git clone

Just keep in mind that it is permanently in a beta state and unstable.




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